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Would you be interested in buying my scrap metal, antique tools or vintage?
For the most part, I scout my own materials simply because its usually more economically feasible for me to do so. As a small business, I need to keep my costs down so am naturally looking for the best bargains. Only certain specific items are of interest to me (see list below for example Ė updates available at the boutique store from May to Sept). I prefer to barter (exchange for discount on purchase in store) than to pay up front unless your item is worthy of consignment. Also, I have no interest in cast iron (i.e. stoves). I have quite a bit of stock to work with at this time. Please do not drop off your scrap metal at the boutique location unless you have made arrangements with me ahead of time. If youíre looking for top dollar on your antiques, try listing them on kijji or on consignment with a local auctioneer (i.e. Penner Auctions in Steinbach). The market is competitive and thereís no guarantee youíll get your asking price. Items I may be interested in include:

  • Old saws (medium to large only), with or without wooden handle (no plastic);
  • John Deere metal plates or tractor seats;
  • Art Nouveau pieces;
  • Rare finds that are exceptional, vintage pieces, ready to sell without need for paint or restoration (send me a message with details, pictures and asking price);
  • Antique radios and turntables that work;
  • Horse harnesses, preferably clean;
  • Pipes, rare tobacco tins, cigarette cases, and lighters that work;
  • Vintage jewelry (signature pieces).

Do you make custom pieces?
I have done a number of custom pieces in the past but these must be creative and allow for freedom of artistic expression. These may be inspired by a keepsake that you want to turn into art or something of that nature. I donítí do metal fabrication of any kind and donít make items destined for resale. If youíre looking for something quick and cheap, Iím not your gal. My custom work is personalized and my availability is tight (especially during summer months) and I usually need between 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

Where do you scout your materials?
I spend hours scouting my materials at Estate auctions, consignment auctions, antique stores, thrift stores (reclaimed art materials), and the occasional garage and/or yard sales. It sounds easy but it takes time, effort and money both for purchase and carting/transportation of goods. I offer you the convenience of finding the best of it under one roof at my seasonal boutique.

I bought a reclaimed metal piece of art. Will it rust over time?
Most of my creations have a rustic appearance and quality to them given the nature of the reclaimed metal that I work with. While some piece may be sandblasted, primed and painted, it is likely to show signs of wear over time, especially if exposed to the elements like direct sunlight, rain, and wind or if it sits among tall grass or plants. Pieces that are just clear coated may rust over time if exposed to humidity but experience shows that more often then not, this only enhances the rustic charm and character of the piece. With reclaimed metal, old is beautiful and the outcome of rusting (patinas/color) can be really attractive.

Winnipeg Art and Vintage Furniture
Winnipeg Art and Vintage Furniture
Winnipeg Art and Vintage Furniture